Governmental Liability and Civil Rights Defense

Attorneys in our firm have represented various governmental entities, including cities, counties, schools, and their elected officials and employees, in a variety of legal matters and litigation.

The areas of representation include:

  • Civil rights claims for excessive force, false arrest, and malicious abuse of process
  • First Amendment and defamation claims
  • Wrongful prosecution claims against prosecutors
  • Suits against elected officials, administrators, offices and judges
  • “Hot Pursuit” traffic accidents
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Employment related claims including those asserted under Section 1983, Title VII, FMLA and  ADA
  • Actions under the New Mexico Tort Claims Act
  • Probate and real estate planning

We have defended cases in New Mexico’s Federal and State courts. We have achieved dismissal via voluntary dismissals, motions to dismiss and summary judgment. In addition, while many claims will be aggressively defended through dismissal or trial, we recognize and identify early those cases in which settlement should be considered, and target them for cost-effective and reasonable resolution.

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